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Why FREE may be bad for you

  1. Their system setup may not be secure. Security and stability comes at a cost. Free sites often cannot afford to acquire and implement the security required for e-commerce web site like Annam.com.
  2. Sites with free posting allow too many duplicate posts by the same person making it harder for people to find your post. Think about it, if one person is allow to do 5 posts of the same ad. 100 people could potentially post 500 ads, making the site appear big, but they really are smaller number of posts repeated!
  3. Free web site is not updated and people cannot find or view your ad on tablets, mobile or desktops.
  4. They don't provide phone support
  5. They put little to no effort on marketing their sites on facebook, tweeter, google plus, or youtube. While annam.com is growing rapidly — more people from other sites are using annam.com — those FREE sites are having less visitors.
  6. What this mean is you could be spending a lot of time on other web sites that bring you little or no results. Wouldn't you rather spend time doing something else and let Annam.com get the results you want?